New horse stalls at Falkenhaus Castle


Eva Klautke and her husband have created a small paradise for horses and people at Falkenhaus Castle near Bayreuth. The horses have now moved into the new stables. Visitors will also feel very comfortable in individually furnished rooms.

Eva Klautke searched for quite a while for the right property so that she could keep her horses nearby. She especially wanted to provide ideal conditions for her stallions. One day she went to look at Falkenhaus Castle with her estate agent. It was love at first sight. In 2018 she bought the former hunting lodge which was built in 1722 and started renovating it. Ms. Klautke has an event marketing background and has applied her experience and creative ideas to the development of the castle and its outbuildings.

New horse stalls at Falkenhaus Castle
New horse stalls at Falkenhaus Castle

A training and conference centre with a suitable ambience has been created in the castle. Nine cosy guest rooms have been built and furnished in an outbuilding. In another building she installed a chic horse stable with horse stalls for her Lusitanos. A pen was also provided for the Shetty, a Connemara and an old jumping horse. As a result of all these efforts Schloss Falkenhaus has been brought to life once more.

The training centre is now available for hire. Weddings and company events are also held in the beautiful atmosphere of Falkenhaus Castle. Ms Klautke also has her own seminar programme. Experienced trainers coach executives with the support of horses. Horses mirror people's behaviour and can therefore teach people how good leadership works. With this kind of coaching the participants make self-awareness experiences which are not possible without horses. The sensitive Lusitanos are ideally suited for this job.

There are currently nine horses living at Schloss Falkenhaus. Eva Klautke's five Lusitanos, two stallions and three geldings have already been successful up to Grand Prix level. At the centre Ms Klautke proves that horse-friendly management is also possible for competitive horses. All the horses, including the stallions, spend as much time as possible each day on the pastures surrounding the castle.

Eva Klautke has developed and implemented a great concept for Falkenhaus Castle which had been neglected for many years. We wish her all the best and much success in the future. We would like to thank her for placing her trust and confidence in our colleague Marc Poppel and our company.

Photos: Slawik Equine Photography
Video: Luis Haßmann

New horse stalls at Falkenhaus Castle